Sunday, April 19, 2009

F1 back again with a bang!!

So here I am blogging about F1, looks like this season is going to have even more surprises than before, and you know what I like that.

Even though I have always been a McLaren fan I am really happy for Brawn GP and RBR, I think they are going to really provide some real entertainment on the track. Can't say much about Ferrari this year I guess Jean Todt is really going to be missed, so maybe a segway for Michael to make a comeback? You know how much F1 loves comebacks ;)...

Anyway I am looking forward to the races, and hats off to the FIA regulation body and engineers, FIA keep pushing new regulations on all the engineers and the engineers, keep making faster cars...the new rear diffuser looks cool, yes the car looks a bit funny but I think thats the charm of F1, a new car every year :)...

Just a message to Mr. Briatore, you do not need the 30 million pounds bound for Brawn GP, just cuz your engineers were sleeping and someone thought out of the box (i.e. RBR) does not mean you can take a stab at winners..well maybe thats what losers do, right Alonso?

Looks like this is going to be a fun year both off and on the track!!

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