Friday, May 27, 2011

How to "turn off EDN" if its not being used in a SOA deployment

Recently I was asked by a client that they would like to turn off EDN since they were not planning on using it in their production application. I asked them to turn off the EDN Datasource however that datasource is used by other components in the Fusion MiddleWare (FMW) stack and requires that the datasource be on. Consequently here are the steps on how to "turn off" or pause EDN.

1. Open the EM console

2. Navigate to System MBean Browser > MBean Application > Defined MBeans > > Server: SOA_cluster_name > EDNConfig > edn


and set the Paused Attribute to True . If true, EDN listener/poller threads are decreased to 0 which effectively stops delivering events. Works for EDN-DB and EDN-JMS.

If you would like to do this through WLST the commands are listed below:

WLST command to enable/disable EDN event delivery:

    • sca_enableEventsDelivery()
    • sca_disableEventsDelivery()

(start WLST script, for example, $MW_HOME/AS11gR1SOA/common/bin/

1. connect('<user>','<password>','t3://<soa server>:<port>')

2. custom()

3. cd(',type=EDNConfig,Application=soa-infra')

4. set('Paused', 1)

5. exit()

Note: In step 4, change it to set('Paused', 0) would resume EDN event delivery.

Please note: This does not require a restart of the Managed Servers to take effect.