Thursday, July 3, 2008

Welcome to DASOAWorld

A lot of people at Oracle and at customer sites have asked me whether I have my own blog and the answer has been always regrettably "No"...until now!! I have finally found the time and the energy to create my own space on the web, where you can read about my SOA escapades with BPEL, ESB, UDDI and the rest of the SOA Suite. Issues that I have encountered at numerous client sites, architectural discussions that I have had, and best practices that have been implemented.

Here I will try to capture morbid details of issues and how we resolved them (both in 10G and 11G), and bring a world perspective on how SOA in general and the Oracle FMW suite of products are impacting the normal everyday individual in their Web2.0 lives.

Stay tuned...lots to share!! Enjoy!!

Deepak Arora


Unknown said...

looking fwd to reading more!

Unknown said...

Welcome to the blogging community!!!